I'm doing 100 but will go lower just ask me.
Thru at&t
It's a TC700H-KC11ES-NA BLACK, touch computer, it's about $1600.00 brand new and this one has been barley used! Can be factory reset for your personal info!!! This thing is amazing in what it can do! Especially for a business! Google the model number I listed and see for yourself!!!
used 3x , to bowl if that lol would like to get 320.00 no less than 300.. for whole system Wii Console Console Stand Wii Remotes (4) Wii Remote Jackets (4) Wii Nunchucks (2) AC Adapter Sensor Bar Video/ Sound Cable Manual Wii Fit Balance Board Wii Sports Game Wii Fit Plus Game M&M’s Beach Party Game Dancing with the Stars Game Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08 Game Cash only no...
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